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Hi, I'm Michael

At the age of 4, I wanted to be a professional tree climber.

By 7, I had moved on to aeronautics, and jumped off the roof of my house with a plastic bag as a parachute. That did not go according to plan.

I suppose I’ve grown up a little since then.

I love to ski. But the chairlifts never go all the way to the top. The real adventure is hauling your skis on your back as you sweat in the middle of Winter up to the summit, all just to drop that gnarly line nobody else has. We call that "earning your turns.”

But my most athletic showing followed a surprise encounter with a colony of elephant seals. It scared the shit out everyone involved, and I’m positive that was the fastest I’ve ever run.

I’ve been to 3 concerts for every Duane Reade in NYC. My friends call me Funky Mike because I always wear my boogie shoes. I’ve even landed freelance photography gigs for some of my favorite bands, and they don’t seem mind if I dance.

And like every unique millennial, I must call out to you my love of travel (sarcasm). 42 countries & 6 continents down. Hopefully many more to come.

Did I mention I’m a Freelance Photographer? We should work together. Feel free to call me on my banana phone. Or just shoot me an email.